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Service Dog Went To Prom With Owner, And They Accessorized Perfectly.

Percie would also block others from becoming too close to Claire when she was still recovering from a short episode.

"She performed 'blocks' or 'covers' by moving her body into positions that prevent people from getting too close while I recovered from less severe, short episodes."

Unfortunately, Claire had to leave her prom earlier than everyone else.

A more intense episode came on a hour after Claire entered, causing her to have to depart the dance a little early.

Claire waited outside with her boyfriend for her mom to pick them up.

While they waited, Percie was able to assist in keeping things under control.

Percie alleviated some of the pain and the symptoms.

She would "[shift] her weight onto pressure points on my lower body when I am sitting down, which can alleviate some symptoms," said Claire.

Despite the fact that Claire didn't get to enjoy prom in its entirety, she still felt like she had a victory.

"Without Percie, I would not have had the courage to go to prom in the first place."

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